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Monday, January 30, 2006

Scarlet Emails made just for you

Scarlet email to Excite and
Seduce You. Let me be your Lover and
I will *Ignite Passion* and *Enhance Intimacy*

Or you can even have erotic letters made for the one you
want to capture and seduce, but can't find the words to
seduce them. Your lover will be passionately attracted to you,
wanting you, and craving your touch How much do I charge? For only $5.00 I will customize your erotic emails for you to find and receive that release of the burning passion that fills your loins.

sample email
Mmmmmm (your name)
I am lying here in the tub with naughty thoughts of you as the bubbles dance over my flesh. Both hands have my fingers rolling my nipples between my thumb and index finger. My cunt begins to react to this teasing as I think of you and the things you do to me. How I long for your touch, the taste of your tongue and oh baby to know what your cock taste like. My fingers begin to pinch my nipples as my right hand softly strokes my stomach to my pelvis. A soft moan seeps from my lips, my thighs spread inviting my fingers to come inside. My clit is swollen and my mind is visualizing your large cock, so hard and so pleasing to my cunt. I think of taking your cock into my mouth and rolling it slowly in my mouth with my eyes closed. My throat opens up allowing your huge cock to enter. Your hips are thrusting it deeper and harder into my throat as you grab the back of my head. Your hand secures my hair tightly with in your grasp. You begin thrusting your cock deeper into my throat. I begin to gag from your fucking my mouth. You remove your cock from my mouth and pick me up off the floor throwing me onto the bed. You take me with such hot animalistic manners, rough and rugget that I am dripping juices from my cunt. You grunt as your cock enters me, you drive your throbbing aching cock to the bottom of my cunt. You thrust it harder and even deeper as it throbs inside of my aching pussy. You are now holding your self up with one arm to get leverage to fuck my fucking brains out. You are now up on your knees ramming your cock as hard and fast into my swollen pussy that wants more. Oh yes please hurt me, hurt me baby hurt me. I want you to hurt me so good. Please make me cum, oh please baby make me cum all over that huge cock of yours. Mmmmmm oh baby yes bite my nipples oh fuck yes fuck me, fuck me! Cum deep inside of my fucking cunt. I want you, I want you to cum in me, cum in my pussy cum now baby. Mmm I love taking these erotic bubble bath’s.

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